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28. October 2022

Christmas Glow Package

Starting in November, the first festivities, which typically take place at the end of the year, begin. And who does not want the perfect glow on the skin, especially in the run-up to and also during the Christmas season. Because in a healthy, fresh skin we feel strong, beautiful and simply well.

But what can be done when the skin does not glow as usual as a result of a hectic daily routine, little sleep and a diet that is not always perfect?

Our derma experts at Lanserhof Lans have therefore developed a new and very special derma treatment for our guests. This is structured as follows:

  • 1x Lanserhof LAB Series Regeneration 75 min
  • 1x EndosSpheres 40 min
  • 1x TDA Care2Go 40 min
  • 1x Detox Peeling 50 min
  • 1x Lanserhof LAB Face Cream

This results in a total price of 980,- € and can only be booked in connection with a stay at Lanserhof Lans.

More information about the treatment

Lanserhof Lab Series Regeneration.

A particularly deep-acting treatment that focuses on intensive nutrient supply and activation of the skin’s own resistance _ for skin in top condition.

Highly active ingredients of vegan origin intensively stimulate cell regeneration. An acupuncture massage included in the treatment immediately relaxes your skin effectively. In addition, an algae massage ensures optimal penetration of the active ingredients and strengthens the lymphatic system. The final care massage gives your skin an irresistible complexion and natural glow.

EndosSpheres microvibration technology.

Pressure wave microvibration effectively combats the breakdown of microcirculation in adipose tissue and its visible effects such as cellulite, sagging connective tissue, and fat and water retention in all areas of the body.
This treatment works specifically to improve blood circulation, effectively optimizing skin supply, oxygen saturation and cell regeneration. The general improvement of the metabolism simultaneously promotes the detoxification and purification of the tissues.
The skin is stimulated by the silicone microspheres, which massage, loosen, smooth and promote blood circulation with pressure and different frequencies. The body silhouette and facial contours are restored to shape.
These applications can be used on the face and body.


TDA stands for “Transdermal Application” and thus for the world’s first dermatological-aesthetic therapy system that transports anti-aging active ingredients completely painlessly and non-invasively to the deepest layers of the skin. TDA does not fight the symptoms, but the causes of signs of aging and and adjusts the skin from scratch.

During the Seyo TDA treatment, the active ingredients selected for your individual skin type are atomized into micro-fine droplets with highly concentrated oxygen and applied to the skin using the TDA applicator. Due to the high oxygen partial pressure, the active ingredients are targeted to the deep dermis.

The result: a visible reduction in expression lines and skin that is optimally cared for according to individual needs.

Detox Peeling

Our Rebalance body peeling is an exquisite care concept that reactivates the skin’s own protection with its purely natural active ingredients and stimulates its regenerative capacity. Rock salt and silicon-rich clinoptilolite remove dead skin cells, balance the ph-value and provide effective deep cleansing. The special combination of mountain bee honey, whey and a fresh extract of honeycomb intensively nourishes and protects the skin, moisturizes and supports the natural skin balance. The native Swiss stone pine also has a calming effect and positively influences heart rate and sleep hygiene. Our Detox Peeling accelerates detoxification via the skin, thereby creating the basis for the ultimate Christmas Glow finish.


Lanserhof LAB Face Cream



The effective anti-aging face cream activates and protects the skin in many ways:

The skin barrier is strengthened by probiotics and skin impurities are reduced, so-called age spots are minimized. The Tripepid Complex, which is also contained in the Lanserhof Lab Serum and contains an active ingredient modeled on viper venom, dissolves expression lines and prevents wrinkles. Glycerin, citrulline, shea butter and squalane not only provide intensive moisture, but also strengthen the skin barrier, protect cells from free radicals and regenerate irritated skin. Wheatgrass and Golden Collagenine stimulate collagen production and tighten facial contours.

100% vegan and animal-free
Production in Germany