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We offer a new dimension in skin analysis with SkinVisia at Lanserhof. With the help of visual 3D technology, high-resolution facial images are produced in order to analyse wrinkles (depths) precisely, for example. This provides significantly improved support for aesthetic and skin care consultations. UV damage and hypo-hyperpigmentation can be visualized partially in order to find the best treatment method.

In a flowing process, a newly designed imaging module gently rotates around the relevant area of the guest’s head. This simplifies the education process, while providing increased comfort. Among many other features, the updated software enables rapid image acquisition with automatic skin type classification and more detailed recognition of facial features.

The system helps our dermatologists recommend individualised treatment for the guests.


The Derma Therapy at Lanserhof


The Derma Therapy provides a glow from within and does this with an impressive effect on one’s appearance and personal appearance. A new awareness leads to a new radiance – attractive, self-confident and natural.

To this end, we have put together a comprehensive programme of highly innovative skin treatments for you. They combine medical cosmetics with new, forward-looking techniques and procedures, jointly developed by the Lanserhof skin therapists and internationally leading cosmetic laboratories.

Derma Therapy is part of the Lanserhof Concept – a holistic health concept that knows no mental blocks. In principle, it considers every possibility to help, heal and revitalise. Consequently, we combine the latest state of international cutting-edge medicine with traditional healing methods. Proximity, attention and empathy are also an important part of our approach. This attitude and approach has made Lanserhof Europe the leading health centre for regenerative and preventive medicine over the past three decades.