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Wheatgrass Power

At Lanserhof Sylt, every guest receives a fresh, pure wheatgrass juice in the morning at noon, which has a grassy, herbal aroma and a slightly sweet taste.

Wheatgrass is one of the best superfoods due to its ingredients. Because of its high chlorophyll content, its alkaline effect and its high nutrient density, wheatgrass is an all-round remedy and is said to help strengthen the immune system and detoxify the organism.

The positive properties can be attributed to the following ingredients, amongst others:


Fresh wheatgrass contains more chlorophyll than almost any other plant. This green plant pigment is considered to be particularly detoxifying and blood-cleansing.


Vitamins and antioxidants

Fresh wheatgrass contains a lot of vitamins – especially vitamins B, C and E. The latter two are powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers. They can prevent undesirable reactions of so-called oxygen radicals, which, among other things, accelerate cell ageing.



Fresh wheatgrass contains a lot of iron, calcium and magnesium.


Amino acids

Wheatgrass contains all the essential amino acids that the body cannot produce itself and should therefore be taken regularly with food. They are needed by the body to, among other things, renew cells, form hormones and build muscles.



Wheatgrass is said to be particularly rich in enzymes, which are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect and regenerative effects on cell damage.



Fresh wheatgrass is an excellent source of vegetable protein. This makes wheatgrass very interesting for vegetarians and, especially, vegans.