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9. February 2021

The Health Podcast #11 – Life is for Living

Podcastcover mit Mario Pederzolli

Live is for Living with Mario Pederzolli

The Forever Young podcast starts a new chapter

In today’s episode, get to know the new host of our podcast “Forever Young”.

Meet Mario Pederzolli: Lanserhof at The Arts Club’s Chief Operating Officer. What did he do before he joined Lanserhof? Which sports does he practice? Which snack can’t he do without? And the most important question: what tips can he give our listeners to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible?

Welcome to Lanserhof’s health podcast “Forever Young”. Every other Tuesday, our new host Mario Pederzolli meets a variety of experts to reveal how we can achieve the ultimate goal: how to live well, for longer. Our topics are medicine & longevity, sports & exercise, nutrition & supplements, beauty & skincare, mindfulness & psychology.