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1. June 2020

The Health Podcast #6 – Optimise Your Health System

Podcastcover mit Vadim Fedotov

Optimise Your Health System
with Vadim Fedotov

Vadim Fedotov, founder of Bioniq, explains the importance of supplements

Pharmacies, online shops for cosmetics, drugstores and supermarkets – they all offer supplements. Different manufacturers with different dosages promise a healthier life. How are we supposed to know which one to choose? Vadim Fedotov is a former professional basketball player and now co-founder of Bioniq, the brand for health tech and vitamin supplements. With the highest level of expertise, carefully selected ingredients as well as AI-based and regular blood tests, the company is able to produce bespoke supplements for its customers. Dosage and composition are 100% tailored to the needs of each individual. In this podcast he explains how he came up with this idea, the role that sleep plays, nutrition, sports and what an overdose means.