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3. décembre 2018

STK MULTILINE – Lifting without scalpel and without syringe


STK technology is a highly effective, non-invasive lifting method for the face, neck and upper arms. In contrast to other lifting methods, the tissue is treated with targeted heat impulses. This treatment stimulates the body‘s own collagen synthesis and leads to a tightening of the tissue.

The STK method is an effective and almost painless alternative to surgery.
In addition, there is no downtime after the treatment and you can immediately go back to your normal daily routine.

The STK treatment utilises the body’s own repair mechanisms by using high-frequency ultrasound to produce targeted irritations in various skin layers.
As a result, the tissue contracts, which is perceived as tightening on the skin surface.

Your appearance is immediately younger and fresher. The connective tissue is activated and further strengthened in the course of the next months. The skin is tightened in a natural way for up to one year.

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