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Cardio Check-Up Package: Only at Lanserhof Sylt


About 80% of heart attacks and strokes are preventable!

This figure sounds incredible, but it has been proven by many studies. To achieve this goal, regular check-ups are necessary. These should be carried out using the most modern diagnostic procedures in order to detect and, if necessary, treat diseases that have not yet become clinically apparent at the earliest possible stage. Lanserhof Sylt offers the best conditions for this. We have state-of-the-art equipment in all areas and experts with decades of experience in prevention. All with the aim of adding many HEALTHY years to your life.

Our Lanserhof cardio check-up package focuses on the prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases – by far the most common causes of death. Through a personalised exercise and nutrition programme, we show you how to drastically reduce your risk, often without taking any medication. If you wish, the package can be extended to include all the other screening tests recommended by the medical associations. In this way, you will receive a complete medical check-up in 4 days, without having to coordinate multiple appointments with different doctors.

Package contents:

  • 1 Cardio Check
  • 1 HOLTER ECG + blood pressure & oxygen saturation measurement (including sleep apnoea screening)
  • 1 Lab diagnostic (routinelab, supplementary profile cardiology)
  • 1 bioimpendance analysis & discussion of findings
  • 1 cell gym first appointment
  • 2 cell gym sessions
  • 1 infusion cell energy
  • 1 cryotherapy session
  • 2 personal training
  • 1 revitalizing infusion large

Facultative (only bookable for stays of 4 nights or more)
uro check, gyn check, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, sleep laboratory*, ophthalmological check up, nutritional counseling + diet plan*, bone density measurement (DXA)

Daily group movement therapies
Daily group relaxation therapies
Topical presentations
Cultural evening program

3-4 nights Lanserhof excluding accommodation and Energy Cuisine 7.991,00 EUR

The prices for our Lanserhof Cure Classic packages are shown per person and exclude nutritional supplements and medications.