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Oral Health at Lanserhof

Holistic means to us: "Our team of doctors works hand in hand for your health."

Since many diseases originate from the mouth and are related to the oral cavity and teeth, it is advisable to have the oral cavity examined before any medical treatment or cure.

Inflammations in the oral cavity, poor dentures, as well as problems with gums and/or implants can have an impact on the entire body as interfering fields. The oral health concept can prevent disturbances and weakening influences from spreading from the oral cavity to the entire body in a sustainable way.


Once the oral cavity and teeth have a good microbiome, this also affects the entire digestive tract or other microbiomes. This means a healthy oral cavity is a crucial factor for a healthy gut.

Prevention through oral health has proven effective in various medical conditions. This mainly concerns arteriosclerosis, heart attack, and the worsening of diabetes or osteoarthritis. Also, potency problems and unfulfilled desire for children, as well as a generally weakened immune system with susceptibility to viruses, fungi, and bacteria, can be positively influenced by good oral hygiene. In addition, oral health is particularly effective in the prevention of breast, pancreatic, and colon cancer and also plays a health-promoting role in the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s.


All of this is part of the holistic concept of oral health. For this, we offer a dental consultation at Lanserhof, where an examination of the oral cavity with image documentation and video screening takes place. Additionally, an aMMP8 biomarker salivary diagnostics for the detection of inflammations in the oral cavity can be performed during this appointment. This saliva test allows for an individual assessment of oral immune competence.

If you are interested and have questions about your oral health, please contact your treating doctor or the medical reception.