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Our social programme

“Mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Exercise is an essential part of our Lanserhof concept, as it ensures a stable and healthy cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system. During the Lanserhof treatment, exercise supports the cleansing processes and thus improves the detoxification result. The basis of our movement philosophy is coordination, because the neuromuscular system accompanies us throughout our lives and keeps both our body and mind fresh.

On site, you have the opportunity to design your individual training programme together with our physiotherapists and sports scientists. You will be personally accompanied and motivated to maintain your newly acquired lightness, mobility and body awareness in the long term.

In addition, our guests can take part in various sporting activities every day. Our extensive social programme allows you to take part in various movement therapies in the group. The absolute highlight and the best start to the day is our “Active awakening in nature”. Our movement therapists go out into nature together with our guests in the morning before breakfast. During an easy walk and light exercises, we gently wake up the body and get the circulation going.

For those who would like to work out a bit, we also offer Zumba, Nordic Walking or Aqua Zumba. These are complemented by Pilates and yoga classes, which  are focussed on stretching and strengthening muscles. While Pilates is particularly suitable for people with physical complaints, such as back pain, and improves posture in a targeted way, yoga is perfect for relieving mental stress, helping you to find inner peace again.