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Lanserhof Signature Facial Treatment

Our skin care experts have introduced a new derma treatment. The in-house Lanserhof Lab facial care series is used, whose active ingredients are optimally coordinated with the individual treatment steps.

Lanserhof Resorts’ Derma Therapy is part of the holistic Lanserhof Concept and provides a glow from within and without. The treatments and products are designed to activate the vital functions of the skin and body. Our experts are always working on the extensive program of highly innovative skin treatments that combine medical cosmetics with new, forward-looking techniques and procedures.

Procedure of the treatment

The new Lanserhof Lab Signature Treatment includes intensive nourishment and activation of the cells, focusing on the preservation of the skin’s own resistance and using highly active ingredients of vegan origin to intensively stimulate cell regeneration.


We start by stroking the face over the shoulders to the neck. We orientate ourselves to the breathing rhythm of the guest in order to give them an assured and relaxed feeling and to gently prepare them for the treatment.


This is followed by a thorough cleansing with our Lanserhof Lab Cleanser, which frees the skin from dirt and prepares it perfectly for the next steps. This is removed with warm compresses and the skin is then exfoliated. This removes the outer skin flakes, refines the skin’s structure and prepares the skin’s absorption for subsequent care and anti-aging active ingredients.


This is followed by the normal care routine, in which the skin is professionally cleansed. If desired, the eyebrows can be plucked and coloured.


The Lanserhof Lab Serum is then applied with a brush. We work in accordance with the Shiatsu pressure point massage. This relaxes the mimic muscles so that the facial features appear softer. The serum contains highly concentrated anti-ageing ingredients that activate the skin’s own repair mechanisms and improve the skin’s resilience and elasticity, as well as providing intensive moisture. Lanserhof Lab Eye Cream is applied around the eyes to reduce dark circles, dryness and possible puffiness.


With the help of jade gemstone rollers, the face is smoothed out in the lymph flow, this stimulates the lymph flow positively and can prevent lymph accumulation.


The treatment ends with the application of Lanserhof Lab Face Cream and a final facial massage. The skin is then optimally moisturised and enchants with its healthy, youthful glow – the Lanserhof Glow.