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Six things that will make your stay even better

A stay at Lanserhof – what exactly does that mean? Time and again we receive the same questions from guests who want to come to our resorts but don’t know exactly what to expect. Andrea Csics has the answers and some exciting insider tips.

Andrea Csics has been the hotel manager at Lanserhof Lans for 20 years and answers a few questions about her stay.

After graduating from commercial college in Innsbruck, her first years as an executive secretary in a Tyrolean forwarding company and a stay abroad in Los Angeles, her path led her into the 5-star hotel industry. Initially as assistant manager at the Steigenberger Hotel Alpenkönig, Seefeld/Tyrol and Inselhotel Konstanz, she later gained international experience at the Hotel Montreux Palace and the Intercontinental Geneva. In 1991 she started as the right hand of the management and took over the operative hotel management in 2004.

Your most important recommendation for a successful cure at Lanserhof?

Don’t overload your stay with too much program. It’s smarter to enjoy the silence and experience nature. We have mountains, streams and lakes, and the high proportion of ions in the air supports cell regeneration.

What do guests underestimate in your experience?

Some guests expect a wellness vacation and underestimate the first three or four days when the metabolism changes. Feeling unwell and tired can be a reaction to this. Until the regeneration process begins. My tip: give yourself a rest, get plenty of sleep, let yourself drift.

What else do you recommend?

Put your cell phone away! If you can do that, you’ll slip into the cure much faster.

What suggestions do you have for making the Lanserhof Cure even better?

Purification, cleansing and regeneration therapy start more efficiently if a guest begins to give up coffee, alcohol, sugar or sweets or at least reduce their consumption around two weeks before arrival. It is also helpful to go to bed a little earlier in the evening and, if possible, to start the day with less stress. It is easier to adjust your internal clock and metabolism if you get in the mood for the visit.

Do regular guests come better prepared?

In any case. And they don’t completely fill their days with therapies and medical programs.

How do guests change during their stay?

The body language is completely different, the gait, the vital charisma. Often from the fifth or sixth day.

Do guests live what they have learned about a healthy lifestyle during their stay in their everyday lives?

That’s not easy when everyday working life dictates the rhythm. But they are already registering what has helped them here. Many regular guests try to integrate more into their daily lives from stay to stay. They come back once a year anyway. This is how they refresh their motivation.

How much Lanserhof is in you?

I try to eat regularly, more at lunchtime than in the evening. Reduced meat. Raw food is taboo in the evening, apart from mozzarella with tomatoes. 70 percent of us employees are women and we have a stock of sweets that we use in the afternoon. But we are all pretty disciplined. I am and will always be a foodie.