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The liver cleanse at Lanserhof

The liver is the central organ of the entire metabolism and the largest gland in the body of all vertebrates. Its most important tasks are the production of vital proteins, processing of food components, bile production, and the associated breakdown and excretion of metabolic products, drugs, and toxins. Nutrients that are absorbed into the blood from the intestines pass through the portal vein to the liver, which then releases them into the blood or removes them from the blood as needed.

Bile is a viscous body fluid produced in the liver to be stored in the gallbladder and released into the duodenum at mealtimes. it aids in the digestion of fat by emulsifying lipids – that is, breaking them down into small droplets that can be attacked by fat-splitting enzymes. Furthermore, bile is an excretory medium for substances that are poorly soluble in water, which are converted into a form that can be eliminated in the liver.

The liver produces about 700 ml of bile daily, which is stored in the gallbladder between meals and thickened to about ten percent of its volume. It is traversed by fine tubules which unite to form the bile-bearing duct. The gallbladder is connected to this duct and, as already mentioned, is a reservoir for the bile. When fats or proteins are ingested, the gallbladder empties after about twenty minutes, and the stored bile travels through the duct into the small intestine. In many people, even children, these ducts are blocked with gallstones. Some experience allergies or skin rashes as a result, while others remain symptom-free. In such cases, if the gallbladder is examined by ultrasound or X-ray, it usually does not show anything remarkable. This is because typically, the stones are not located in the gallbladder but in the bile ducts. In addition, they are usually too small and not calcified, which would be the prerequisite for them to be visible on the X-ray screen. Since gallstones are porous, a wide variety of bacteria, cysts, viruses, and parasites can lodge in them as they pass through the liver. It should be clear that stomach infections, ulcers, and intestinal gas cannot be permanently cured as long as such gallstones are in the liver. Without a healthy liver, the human body is not healthy – the blood is no longer properly filtered and the body receives only an insufficient amount of the necessary additional substances.

Ridding the liver of gallstones has an extremely beneficial effect not only on digestion, but also on your overall health and well-being. It will result in fewer problems with allergies, sluggishness, acne, or headaches, and it will make any pain in your shoulders, upper arms, and upper back disappear. You will have more energy, and your well-being will increase significantly.

The liver cleanse (cleansing of the bile ducts) is an extremely effective procedure and is an excellent introduction to the detox process at the Lanserhof Concept.