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The new health packages at the Lanserhof Lans


The metabolism is as individual as the human being, and is additionally influenced by age, intolerances or particular physical circumstances. It is responsible for our energy balance and thus for elementary things such as body function, energy production and tissue development and conservation (e. g. muscles or liver). The metabolism is often out of balance. This can lead to weight gain, premature aging and fatigue. The metabolism can be brought back into balance by means of a detailed basic medical examination, various tests and a personal therapy concept. Find out how you can meet your individual needs through diet and exercise.



Everybody is talking about intestinal health. No wonder, because the intestine is described as the centre of well-being. A well-functioning digestion makes feel good all around. This is because the intestine controls the majority of all metabolic processes in our body with the help of billions of microorganisms. It also produces vital vitamins and enzymes and neutralises all harmful substances that enter our organism with food. However, if the digestion doesn’t function properly, for example, due to a damaged protective barrier of the intestinal wall, this can lead to bloating, abdominal pain or chronic constipation. A programme tailored to your needs, consisting of a variety of food intolerance tests, individual nutritional advice and treatments to alleviate the symptoms, will support you on your way back to a healthy intestine.


Stress has omnipresent – a permanent overload and pressure to perform have unfortunately become part of everyday life for many people. In the long term, stress leads to illnesses because the body is permanently in a state of increased alarm readiness with no regulatory balance. With the Lanserhof Destress programme, we support you in breaking this cycle and find ways of dealing with stress in the right way. Hiking, cycling or personal training, special healing and deep relaxation exercises as well as our unique Aqua Relax therapy support you to find your inner balance and make you strong for everyday life.


We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. From the first to the last day sleep accompanies the life of every human being. If we sleep well, we take it for granted. But if we sleep poorly, we feel how vital a good night’s sleep is. During the rest and sleep phase we recover and gather new physical and mental strength. However, persistent lack of sleep causes our energies and performance to fall. The reasons for this can be stress, bad habits or physical, neurological or mental illnesses. With various treatments and applications we identify these disturbing factors, work with you to develop an individual concept for therapy and support you in finding your inner peace and a better sleep in the long term.