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Water plasma for health

At Lanserhof Lans, we have intensively researched the amazing positive effects of water plasma on health in recent years and integrated them into our range of therapies.

Molecular hydrogen, the smallest molecule in existence, shows impressive selective antioxidant properties. It neutralizes free radicals that act as signaling molecules for pain without interfering with important endogenous oxidative processes. This unique aspect allows it to promote health in a targeted manner.

In addition, water plasma promotes the formation of anti-inflammatory enzymes while inhibiting pro-inflammatory enzymes. This helps reduce inflammation and pain, promotes wound healing and supports cell regeneration.

Another approach is the use of water plasma. Field reports indicate that water plasma can be stress-reducing, relaxing, performance-enhancing, decongestant and allergy-fighting. It compensates for the frequent deficit of solar energy in the body and provides it with negative ions, resulting in an increased sense of well-being.
The energy stored in water plasma is absorbed by your body, allowing your organs and cells, especially mitochondria, to work more efficiently.

What makes water plasma so special is its ability to move to all areas of the body, including membranes, cell nuclei and mitochondria. This enables profound support at the cellular level.

The water plasma in our therapy at Lanserhof Lans is produced using the QORE-B machine from BeyondScience. Here, electrical high voltage is transferred to water and the resulting plasma stream can either be inhaled or applied locally through the skin.