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UNIVERSKIN – Your skin, your formula

Healthy, youthful and fresh skin is the desire of many women. Unfortunately, a frequent problem is that there are too many different products and you don’t know exactly what your skin needs and which care is the right one for you?

A team of scientists and experts asked themselves exactly this question and jointly developed UNIVERSKIN. The focus of UNIVERSKIN is on innovation and striving to improve skin functions in order to transfer the principles of functional dermatology to cosmetology. What is special here is that each skin is examined individually and at the end each guest receives his or her very own bespoke care product. The mission of UNIVERSKIN? An ideal, tailor-made skin care of tomorrow, based on pure ingredients – individually created by doctors.

Procedure of Treatment

First the current skin condition is evaluated. The guests receive a catalogue of questions concerning allergies, medication, stress factors, etc. This is followed by a microscopic skin diagnosis with regard to moisture, dryness, wrinkles and pigment spots. Based on this, we create our own serum formula, which is based on the individual condition of the skin and enriched with the appropriate active ingredients. All this tailor made for you.


Universkin was founded in 2006 and is a French pharmaceutical company based in Sophia Antipolis. The team consists of scientists and experts from dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, pathology, biology, chemistry and pharmacy. With a focus on innovation and the striving to improve skin function, the principles of functional dermatology are transferred to cosmetology. UNIVERSKIN products are used by dermatologists, surgeons and plastic surgeons in 30 countries worldwide.

A new approach to cosmetology – developed by doctors for doctors.

UNIVERSKIN combines 4 competences to offer patients a better service: aesthetics, dermatology, functional cosmetology and personalisation.