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« Endospheres »

Optimise your body silhouette

At Lanserhof we offer a new derma treatment. From September this year, we will be able to optimise your body silhouette and facial contours using « Endospheres » micro-vibration technology.
The special microvibration technology effectively combats the breakdown of microcirculation in fatty tissue and its visible effects, such as cellulite, sagging connective tissue and fat and water retention in all areas of the body. This treatment specifically addresses the improvement of blood circulation and thus optimises the skin supply, oxygen saturation and cell regeneration. A general improvement of the metabolism simultaneously promotes purification and detoxification of the tissue.

During the treatment, the skin is stimulated by small silicone microspheres, which massage and smoothen the affected areas with pressure and various frequencies and thus promote blood circulation. The result is a visibly tighter body silhouette and facial contours.

Derma treatments


We offer this treatment at Lanserhof Tegernsee as well as at Lanserhof Lans