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Run better – 6 tips for runners

A fast run is not necessarily a good run. Rather, a good run means to run in a healthier and more efficient manner. Without injuries. Find out how:

  • The right technique
    The posture should be upright, the shoulders should be relaxed and the foot should be placed directly under the center of gravity of the body – This will prevent tension in the upper body, too large or too small strides, and an incorrect tread.
  • Recovery
    To simply run at a very fast pace is counterproductive. A hard workout (for example, a fast run) sets stimuli, while a recovery period (a slow run) allows for improvements, loosens you up and paves the way for a tougher running session.
  • Proper nutrition
    Runners should draw 55 to 65% of their energy from high-quality carbohydrates. Drinking enough water is also essential, since dehydration leads to thicker blood and puts additional strain on the heart while running. Ideally, spread your fluid intake evenly throughout the day.
  • Variety
    Vary your running sessions by doing sprints, intervals, endurance or faster pace runs on shorter distances, thereby setting new stimuli and preventing boredom.
  • Train with weights
    An upright posture improves your running style (See point 1). In order to strengthen the core, incorporate back and abdominal exercises in your training plan. Leg exercises provide stability and strength and improve endurance.
  • Conclusion
    Regular training, a healthy diet and recovery time. These are the key components for optimal performance and to reach your goals.

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