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Dr. Elke Benedetto-Reisch

“How can I add as many healthy years to my life as possible?” is a question many of our patients ask themselves. Through listening, medical examination and state-of-the-art diagnostics, we try to provide answers to help you achieve your goal in the best possible way.”

Jan Stritzke, MD, Medical Director

Our Team for your comfort

Dr. Christian Harisch

Dr. med. Jan Stritzke

Medical Director

Dorit von der Osten

General Manager

Dr. Blanche Piper

Specialist in internal medicine, rheumatology/clinical immunology

Dr. Thomas Hübner

Specialist in orthopaedics

Dr. med. Mari Arens

Specialist in dermatology and venereology

Dr. med. Juliane Stüven

Specialist in dermatology and venereology with the additional title allergology | mesotherapy (DGM)

Dr. med. eMBA HSG Christina Haeggberg

Deputy Medical Director, Specialist for physical and rehabilitative medicine

Christian Bertram

Hotel manager

Anja Richter

Head of medical preliminary planning

Madlen Glonner

Medical Administration Manager | Assistant to the Medical Director

Morgaine Metzler

Head of laboratory

Frederik Joisten

Head of Movement / Sports Scientist

Judith Wendt

Head Cosmetics

Maraike Förster

Deputy Reservation Manager

Jelena Preeg

Reception manager

Dietmar Priewe

Head chef

Noah Haverkamp

Restaurant Manager

Katharina Pietruck

Executive Housekeeper

Daniel Diaz

Technical Manager

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