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Hormone Balance Package: Only at Lanserhof Sylt

Hormone Balance

Hormone health plays a crucial role in every phase of a woman’s life. Even minor fluctuations in hormone balance can have noticeable effects and influence a woman’s personal everyday life. Symptoms such as persistent malaise, changes in the menstrual cycle or weight gain are just a few examples that may be due to the complex interaction of hormones in the female body.

Suitable for whom:
Our Hormone Balance package is for women who suffer from mood swings, irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbances and headaches, due to hormonal changes. With our extensive diagnostic and therapeutic options at Lanserhof Sylt, we find the cause of hormone imbalance and accompany you on the path to greater well-being. The basis of our therapy is dietary and lifestyle changes.

Contents of the package:

  • 1 initial medical examination
  • 1 extended initial medical examination
  • 2 medical examinations with abdominal treatment each
  • 1 final medical examination and consultation
  • 1 lab diagnostic (routinelab, osteoporosis)
  • 1 Bioelectrical impendance analysis & discussion of findings
  • 1 bone density measurement (DXA scan)
  • 1 hormone consultation
  • 1 nutritional counseling + diet plan
  • 1 metabolism measurement
  • 1 acupuncture if required

Additional applications: (The following additional services are recommended by our doctors and are optionally bookable on site)

  • 1 personal training
  • 2 yoga sessions
  • 1 breathing therapy
  • 1 reiki

Daily group movement therapies
Daily group relaxation therapies
Introductory medical lecture
Topical presentations
Cultural evening program

From 7 nights exclusive accommodation and Lanserhof Energy Cuisine from 4,769.00* EUR

*without additional services / incl. medical on-call and night service

The price for our Lanserhof arrangement is per person excluding dietary supplements and medication. An extension is possible upon request.