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Our range of services

Flexibly and with maximum openness, the medical team at Lanserhof defines the path to healing and prevention – together and individually with each guest. Interdisciplinary cooperation is the defining feature of our approach. Consistent therapeutic harmony reveals new modes of action and activates healing powers needed for regeneration. The active cooperation of the guest is just as important as cooperation on a medical and therapeutic level.

Health succeeds when it is understood holistically and when action is taken accordingly. Therapeutic intervention is also a component of a holistic health philosophy. In addition, health awareness and self-care should be part of every person’s daily routine: dealing appropriately with routines and daily challenges has a lasting influence on our well-being.

Below, we present the most important fields of action of our work. We consider health to be the sum of these “determinants” – each building block occupies a significant position in the overall consideration of body, mind and soul.



Psyche and emotions

Especially in times of constant connectivity, the desire for perfection and the experience of permanent stress, more and more people suffer from self-doubt, overload or emotional problems.


Movement is an essential part of our Lanserhof Concept, as it ensures a stable and healthy cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system.

Physical medicine

Physical medicine deals with all diseases of the musculoskeletal system, e.g. spinal, muscle, tendon, bone and joint diseases. The focus is on non-surgical treatment.

Check-up and advanced diagnostics

At Lanserhof we offer comprehensive check-ups and advanced diagnostics. These include gastrointestinal diagnostics, laboratory screening, cardiovascular checks, nutritional diagnostics, metabolic analysis, resource analysis, mental screening, neurobiological analysis, performance diagnostics and much more.


Phytotherapy uses demonstrably effective medicines made from plant extracts. At Lanserhof we use whole plants or parts of plants (flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds, stems, bark and roots) in our teas or tinctures, as bath additives and in ointments or creams.

Sleep medicine and biorhythms

Good sleep is conducive to a better quality of life. Those who do not sleep well over a longer period of time inevitably suffer from various problems in everyday life: tiredness, reduced ability to perform and concentrate, mood swings are only some of the possible consequences. A chronic sleep disorder has a significant impact on your health.


A diet with food of the highest quality, optimal digestibility and maximum taste is the simplest and most beautiful way to absorb energy. Lanserhof Energy Cuisine incorporates all the findings of modern food research and global nutritional philosophy.

Detox and regeneration

The basis of our therapies is an individual nutrition programme as well as treatments that promote the self-cleansing of body and mind.

Energy and information medicine

At Lanserhof we work with various traditional and modern methods to identify energy blockages. With the help of bioenergetic diagnostics, we can locate dissonances in your energy field and resolve them through bioenergetic intervention and regulation. Our aim is to stop disease processes by correcting the disturbances in the energy flow.


With innovative therapies as well as the Lanserhof care lines, Lanserhof’s derma department offers you ideal conditions to revitalise your natural beauty.