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“Mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Movement is an essential part of our Lanserhof Concept, as it ensures a stable and healthy cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system. During therapy, movement supports the cleansing processes and thus improves the detoxification result. The basis of our movement philosophy is coordination, because the neuromuscular system accompanies us throughout our lives and keeps body and mind fresh.

Our holistic approach to movement includes:

– Sports science diagnostics: Based on this knowledge, our movement therapists and sports scientists will develop a programme for you that will help you to eliminate your complaints. On the other hand, it supports you in your efforts to remain healthy and successful after your stay at Lanserhof.
– Individual fitness programme in the form of personal training: This is tailored to your personal needs, your preferences and weaknesses with the aim of getting you started on a healthy workout routine.
– Support programme: Our extensive support programme invites you to take part in various movement therapies in the group. You will learn how to improve your ability to move and your physical endurance.