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Energy and information medicine

In terms of energy medicine, a person is healthy when there is a balanced condition between the body and the mind. Energy medicine or information medicine is based on the traditional medical systems of India and China. All these systems are united by the basic assumption that in a healthy person the life energy, the “Qi”, flows in harmony. However, especially with the growing demands of fast-paced, modern life, this balance is often disturbed.

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We offer the following therapies at Lanserhof:

– Hara Shin – medical energetic abdominal treatment
– Acupuncture massage
– Energetic body therapy
– Spiritual cleansing
– Craniosacral therapy (energetic and spiritual)
– Nuad Thai
– Shiatsu


Our holistic Classic or Active regeneration and prevention programme is supported, especially during the summer, by extensive energetic therapies as an important part of the Lanserhof concept. Our surroundings offer space to regain lost energy and draw new strength. The strength from the mountain world touches our senses and connects people and the environment in a way that lasts – even after they have left the Lanserhof, the forest, the greenery, and the peace again.

We activate your resources and optimise your potentials so that you feel free, light, and vital.

We will be happy to advise you on our packages and individual therapies at planung.lans@lanserhof.com