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Mental strength and personality development through KAGAMI Golf

Your body only understands images and feelings. This is where Sabana Crowcroft’s unique KAGAMI method comes in. After technical golf training or trying to implement tips, confusion and a decrease in body awareness can occur, leading to unsuccessful swings. KAGAMI is based on the latest scientific findings on how the brain and body work together. This method works on a technical and mental level to develop the golfer’s full potential without instructions during the swing. The unique KAGAMI exercises, which are based on images, feelings and sounds, create the ideal sequence of movements for a successful swing.

We are delighted that Sabana Crowcroft will be presenting the unique KAGAMI method as an external golf and mental coach at Lanserhof Sylt.

Suitable for

This retreat is by no means just for golfers. Sabana uses the KAGAMI learning method to support people in their process of self-knowledge and personal development. Using golf as a mirror. Through self-reflective learning, golfers and non-golfers playfully achieve profound discoveries and memorable “aha” experiences. If you want to uncover the “behavioral motivators” that are your personal obstacles to serenity, joy and success in your professional and/or personal life, then this KAGAMI retreat is for you. By examining and changing the limiting beliefs and attitudes you discover during the retreat, Sabana will support you in achieving a new direction in your life.

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Guests who book the Golf Retreat also receive the Lanserhof Light Cure Package. Depending on the length of your stay, our transfer service will take you to the Romo golf course near Havneby (Denmark) by ferry on 3 or 5 days. (Travel time one way: approx. 45 min) At GC Rømø, you will mainly use the driving ranch. Other courses (short course, 9 and 18 hole courses depending on demand and availability in all surrounding golf clubs. In very bad weather there is also the possibility of using an indoor facility. Driving range and driving range balls are included in the price. All other fees, such as club sets and trolleys/golf carts are charged extra. ( change possible)
You will also receive drinks and a healthy snack from the Lanserhof Energy Cuisine.

After each golf coaching session, you will discuss your results with Sabana Crowcroft in order to optimize your game. In addition, Sabana Crowcroft will give a presentation on the special features of KAGAMI one evening during your stay.


April 30 to May 7

June 17 to July 2

August 13 to August 27

October 1 to October 15

The lectures with Sabana take place on the first day of the retreat in German and English.

Please send us an email.


You can book our golf retreat for either 7 or 10 days:

7 days: 3 x 120 min Private Golf Coaching + Lanserhof Light Cure Package: € 3,906,- €

10 days: 5 x 120 min Private Golf Coaching + Lanserhof Light Cure Package: 5.713,- €

The Lanserhof Light Cure Package includes the following services:

– 1 initial medical examination
– 1 extended initial medical examination
– min. 2 medical check-ups and abdominal treatments depending on the length of your stay
– 1 final medical examination
– 1 initial laboratory examination (bioimpedance analysis, blood pressure, lactate and metabolism check)
– 1 final laboratory examination (blood pressure, lactate and metabolism check)
– 1 metabolic measurement
– 1 urinalysis

Incl. daily group exercise therapy, daily group relaxation training, introductory medical lecture, themed lectures, cultural evening program and medical on-call and night duty.

Not included in the costs:

– Green fee for 9- and 18-hole golf course
– Golf club sets
– Fee for golf cars and trolleys

Sabana Crowcroft is the founder of KAGAMI and has decades of experience as a professional golfer and golf coach. She has also worked as an executive coach, mental trainer and management trainer for 17 years.