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Stress is omnipresent in today’s society and poses many challenges to our health. With your individual needs in mind, we help you to deal more effectively with stressful situations. At the same time, important resources are built up to better cope with the demands of everyday life. The package also teaches proven mental stress management techniques that will help you strengthen your resilience.

Suitable for whom:
Our Stress Resilience package is suitable for anyone looking for ways to relax and relieve stress. In terms of physical health, excessive stress can manifest itself in the form of increased blood pressure, heart disease, weakened immune system, gastrointestinal problems and sleep problems. It can also cause mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, increased nervousness, irritability, concentration problems and fatigue. With the help of self-care, stress management techniques, exercise and a balanced diet, we support you on the path to more inner peace.

Package contents:

  • 1 initial medical examination
  • 1 extended initial medical examination
  • 2 check-ups with abdominal treatment
  • 1 final medical examination and consultation
  • 1 initial laboratory examination (bioimpedance analysis, blood pressure, lactate and metabolic check)
  • 1 final laboratory examination (blood pressure, lactate and metabolic check)
  • 1 metabolism measurement
  • 1 urine analysis
  • 1 individual preliminary talk
  • 1 24h HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Measurement
  • 2 coachings

Daily group movement therapies
Daily group relaxation therapies
Topical presentations
Cultural evening program

From 7-8 nights exclusive accommodation and Lanserhof Energy Cuisine from 3,656.00* EUR.

*without additional services / incl. medical on-call and night service

The price for our Lanserhof arrangement is per person excluding dietary supplements and medication. An extension is possible upon request.