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9. mars 2021

The Health Podcast #13 – Life Fasting

Podcastcover mit Dr. Ursula Levine

Life Fasting with Dr. Ursula Levine

Associated with a wide array of health benefits, especially in relation to the gut, incorporating fasting into your daily routine can promote your wellbeing and vitality. This week, Mario Pederzolli joins Lanserhof at The Arts Club practitioner Dr Ursula Levine to explore the topic further. Dr Levine regularly writes on fasting and supplementation for health, preventative medicine, trauma, medical stress-management, and weight control. More than thirty years of clinical experience combining Western and traditional Chinese Medicine, specialising in trauma therapy, she uncovers the medicine behind how one can achieve healthier, happier lives filled with vitality and energy. Learn how to empower your body to regenerate and rebalance its self-healing powers. This episode is part of our series surrounding the future of medicine and preventative health.