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Detox cures are not only in vogue, but when carried out correctly they have been proven to help optimise the metabolism, relieve the intestines and promote health. Detox comes from the English language and means protection, and purification of the entire body. There is not just one detox cure, but many different approaches, such as an intestinal cleansing or fasting cure. What these have in common is that over a period of about 1-4 weeks one avoids substances that can cause lasting damage to the body, such as alcohol, sugar and white flour products.

Signs that it is time to treat the body to a rest period include constant headaches and body aches, chronic fatigue and listlessness, as well as multiple digestive problems. A detox cure is then exactly the right thing for you.

The path to purification and recovery leads through the intestines. It is therefore the way of food intake, such as slow, thorough chewing, is as important as the choice of food. The basis should be simple, natural organic food, particularly low in irritants and fats and easy to digest. Your diet should therefore include plenty of vegetables such as broccoli, courgettes, carrots, spinach, lettuce and green asparagus, low-sugar fruit such as berries and papaya, as well as high-quality vegetable protein sources such as nuts, seeds and legumes. Small amounts of nutritious and fibre-rich carbohydrates such as potatoes, millet, buckwheat and quinoa are also healthy sources of energy.

Acidic foods should be avoided as much as possible, including above all animal products such as meat, and dairy products. These foods can upset the acid-base balance and promote hyperacidity in the body. In addition, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided.

Food should preferably be steamed or steamed only briefly so that valuable vitamins and minerals are preserved as far as possible. Strong browning, frying or cooking in plenty of fat should be avoided.

Just as important as a plant-based diet is the right choice and quantity of drinks during the detox treatment. 2-4 litres of energy-free drinks such as mild un-sweetened herbal teas or still water should be consumed throughout the day.

Soft drinks, sugary smoothies and large quantities of carbonated drinks should be avoided.

For a better utilisation of oxygen in the body and thus for a better metabolism during and after detoxification, it is also advisable to take regular exercise in the fresh air.

The aim of every cleanse treatment should also be to increase the awareness of a healthy diet and to change one’s own lifestyle and dietary habits in a sustainable and healthy direction. When carried out correctly, the body’s self-healing powers are activated, organ functions are improved and the quality of life is enhanced.

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2-4 litres of energy-free drinks such as mild un-sweetened herbal teas or still water should be consumed throughout the day.