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Young and radiant skin: Get the glow

We all long for a healthy, fresh complexion. Acting as a barrier between the body and the outside world our skin does not have an easy task to perform. Factors such as increased stress, smoking, an unhealthy lifestyle or harmful sunlight can make the skin look pale and tired. High time to change that. There are a few things that you can do for a beautiful, radiant skin.

They say that true beauty comes from within. A healthy and balanced diet plays a vital role for glowing skin.

But before we start with the “right” nutrition tips for beautiful skin, we should look at the connection between skin and intestines. It might sound surprising, but the microorganisms in the intestine produce substances such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, lactic acid and vitamins, which ensure a radiant complexion. Each of us has about 2 kilos of intestinal bacteria, that is 100 trillion bacteria, which are called microbiota or intestinal flora.

This microbiota support digestion and help to absorb nutrients from food and are “gourmets” and like to feast on natural foods and antioxidants. However, if you feed the intestinal flora with a lot of fast food and ready meals, they becomes famished and the abundance in different species decreases. This is bad news, because a large variety of species has a positive effect on general health and on the risk of various diseases. Futhermore, harmful bacteria can accumulate, throwing the intestinal flora off balance, which can then no longer fulfil its important protective function. Studies have shown that with a “bad” diet, germs that promote or accelerate (skin) inflammation can spread and thus cause or boost eczema and impurities. This often applies to the consumption of dairy products, but also over-processed products, gluten, alcohol and too much coffee consumption can hinder beautiful skin.
So, what can be done? Clean Eating, a diet based mainly on natural foods, is a good way to start. This is not about counting calories, but about being aware of which nutrients are good for your body and how can I provide it with enough energy to feel healthy and fit. There is no such thing as a perfect diet that works as a blanket solution for everyone. Some foods however, especially fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, nuts and seeds should be on every shopping list. And try to cook as much as possible yourself! Ready-to-eat foods are full of preservatives, flavour enhancers and additives. Ultimately, these are substances that no human being needs. Why not use fresh herbs and spices to add a special taste to your food? One of the worst things that could prevent glow is sugar. Because sugar in excess causes a so-called glycation of the body’s own proteins. In addition, the sugar connects itsself to collagen and elastic fibers of the skin and these can become limp and inelastic as a result. Sugar promotes the development of inflammations, which can accelerate aging processes of the skin. In addition, age spots, acne or other skin diseases can develop. In general, the skin cells are weakened and can become more susceptible to sun damage and environmental influences.
You should therefore try to limit your sugar consumption as much as possible and put more emphasis on the following foods, some of which are best eaten daily for a great complexion: Water, berries, carrots, avocado, green tea, nuts and seeds, coconut yoghurt, salmon, spinach, apples, olive oil, cauliflower and broccoli.

In addition, our skin needs a lot of water to be padded from the inside out. This seems logical, as the skin consists of 30% water and the different skin layers act like a sponge. If they are not sufficiently supplied with water, the complexion not only becomes pale, but the skin becomes flaccid and inelastic. Cucumber slices, various fruits or a dash of lemon make a glass of still water more tasty and provide an extra portion of freshness.

Furthermore, restful and sufficient sleep is not to be underestimated either, when it comes to a healthy glow. During sleep, a growth hormone is released, which ensures that our body and skin can regenerate. If we sleep too little or not qualitatively well, the release is blocked. The result: dark circles, pallor and thin skin that tends to form wrinkles. It is generally said that 7 – 8 hours of sleep is optimal, but some also need more hours or even get by with less. Here you will find tips for your beauty sleep

Like our grandmothers already used to say: “Always apply suntan lotion”. Spending too much time in the sun or solarium leads to unattractive wrinkles later in life. The skin remembers every hour spent in the sun. And yet its so easy to counteract this effect. In general, the formation of wrinkles is 30 to 40 percent genetically predisposed, so we have 60 to 70 percent in our hands.

The sun’s rays should not be underestimated. So make sure you apply sun protection whenever you are exposed to sun rays and not just on holiday. Many beauty products now have a SPF and sun screen no longer needs to be sticky. Staying in the shade is often more pleasant and much heatlhier for the skin. Here, too, you will get a tan that may take more time, but will ultimately is much better for your complexion.

Excessive stress can also lead to skin blemishes and prevent glow. Find an activity to balance your stress. This can be HIIT training, a yoga class or meditation, but also a walk in the fresh air can work wonders and provide relaxation. Regular sweating opens the skin pores and allowing accumulated dirt particles to escape. In addition, toxins are washed out of the body. It is important that you thoroughly clean your face after physical exertion. Good care is of great value. Here you can rely on natural care products; they are free of mineral oils, parabens, emulsifiers, microplastics or aluminium and are sustainably produced.

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