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Clean sleeping


90% of our health and well-being are directly linked to sleep. Clean sleeping means to have a completely undisturbed and deep sleep; a sleep that lets you start the day rested and full of energy. It requires that you make the most of the important hours your body needs to regenerate and that you prepare yourself and your bedroom for them. Everything that disturbs the peace must be removed according to the principle of clean sleeping.

We have summarised below how you can “sleep cleaner” with a few small adjustments:

Blue light:
The most common disturbing factor? Obviously, smartphones, tablets and TV come to mind. Many people are aware that the blue light from displays and screens influences our internal clock. Subconsciously, it stimulates our brain and prevents it from going into sleep mode. In the long run, it not only leads to insomnia, but can also cause considerable damage to one’s health. Researchers have also discovered that the disturbing blue rays have a surprisingly long effect on our brain. So not only the time before going to bed is decisive and affects the our sleep, but also the hours we spend in front of the computer or mobile phone during the day. At the latest one hour before going to sleep, should all electronic devices be switched off.

Lights out:
Darkness is often underestimated, but we sleep better when all light sources are off. This also includes the small light in the hallway that shows the way to the bathroom or the small indicator light of the alarm clock. In the dark, our body stops producing melatonin and gradually switches to night mode. Any kind of light source can inhibit this transition and hinder sleep. Clean sleeping therefore means extinguishing all lights and closing the curtains. For example, replace the digital alarm clock with a simple battery-powered device.

The right sleeping position:
Do you prefer to lie on your stomach? Unfortunately, this position is not good as a clean sleeper. This can lead to chronic tension in the back and neck area. Studies have also shown that sleeping in lateral positions is actually healthier for our brain, as it can better get rid of “data garbage” preserve memories longer.

Clean Sleeping and Clean Eating:
As many people know, a heavy meal does not allow the body to rest. Too rich and greasy foods take a strain on the stomach and intestines. The same applies to raw food. People with sensitive stomachs should also avoid raw vegetables and fruit in the evening, because the stomach and intestines do not work at all or only very little at this time. Raw food cannot be processed and remains undigested until the next morning. From 2 p.m. you should avoid coffee at best, alcohol should be completely avoided after 8 p.m. according to the principle of clean sleeping. A glass of wine is fine, but a few glasses of water should be consumed afterwards as compensation. Alcohol can help you fall asleep, but it affects your metabolism and makes you wake up at night and your sleep quality drops.

Sufficient exercise:
Clean Sleepers exercise regularly. Regularity is the decisive factor, because according to research, those who exercise moderately three to four times a week have the deepest sleep. There should be a few hours between exercise and bedtime so that the body has enough time to calm down. So try not to get active too late in the evening. This brings us to the next point.

The right time:
Clean Sleepers go to bed at a similar time during the week as well as on weekends. Habits help the body to relax. The internal clock regulates a healthy sleep pattern, a daily evening ritual such as a few yoga exercises or a cup of tea helps to get the body into a relaxed mood and can be beneficial while sleeping.

Don’t save on quality:
Don’t save on the quality of your mattress, pillow or duvet. Beacause we spend almost a third of our lifetime sleeping, special attention should be paid to the quality of the bed. In the case of insomnia, for example, changing to a different pillow alone can do wonders. Therefore not only the shape and the firmness, also the density of the filling material and various anti-allergic materials are points which should be considered when purchasing pillows. Clean Sleepers turn their bedroom into a Clean Sleeping oasis by not only removing all disturbing factors, but also by investing in quality products.

And should there still be an occasional lack of sleep…
We don’t always have the chance to get enough sleep. Don’t panic, there are a few tricks you can use to recharge your batteries even after a night with little sleep and survive the day without a litre of coffee or energy drinks:

  1. Drinking. A lot of water – preferably with fresh lemon – provides a proper energy boost.
  2. Take a cold shower. Alternating showers stimulate the circulation – an energy kick is guaranteed.
    3.Movement and light: movement also combats fatigue and stimulates the circulation. A walk in the fresh air with sufficient daylight is perfect.
  3. Light food instead of coffee: Too much coffee makes you restless and nervous. On “tired days”, it is better to focus on fruit and protein-rich foods such as almonds, yoghurt, chicken or fish.
  4. Powernapping: If possible, a short (!) maximum 20 minute nap is optimal to recharge your batteries.

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