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Jetlite – high end airline technology for better sleep

Jetlite - high end airline technology for better sleep

We spend 90 per cent of the day surrounded by artificial light, which throws off our internal clock or natural circadian rhythm. This can lead to fatigue and have a negative impact on our health.


The lighting control solution of the Hamburg-based start-up “jetlite” is based on findings in the field of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) as well as chronobiology. It adjusts the inner clock to the natural biorhythm of humans. The chronobiological principle means that warm-white light has a relaxing effect, much like a sunset, while cold-white light can have an activating effect, e.g., at the beginning of the day. This reduces fatigue and increases health and well-being. Especially in times of increasing stress factors and rising health awareness, the use of intelligent lighting solutions that improve well-being is more important than ever. These innovative lighting control solutions, which generate lighting scenarios, strengthen the natural rhythm of our day. jetlite’s goal is to adapt artificial light to people’s natural biorhythms in the best possible way.


So far, this technology has been used successfully during long-haul flights, in order to avoid jet lag by preparing passengers for the new time zone with LED light during the flight. We will be the first resort to offer this technology at Lanserhof Sylt.