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Laser Light Therapies

Light is an electromagnetic wave. The spectrum of this wave ranges from radio waves to gamma radiation. Our sun, for example, also emits electromagnetic waves, whereas it represents a small proportion of what makes up the visible spectrum. A chemical re-action can also produce electromagnetic waves: this is the so-called chemiluminescence.

When an animal like the firefly produces light, it is called bioluminescence. This process can be transferred to the human body, because enzymatic and chemical reactions take place here all the time, and so electromagnetic radiation is produced in the body – part of it is infrared radiation. Physicist Fritz Albert Popp was able to show this with his bio-photon camera. His pictures show how light is produced in the body.

However, the body can not only produce light, but also absorb it. For example, the body uses UVB radiation to produce vitamin D or to regulate the sleep hormone mela-tonin. Enzymes that produce light in enzymatic reactions can also be induced by light and made more reactive. Accordingly, each enzyme has its own wavelength that it ab-sorbs. This is used in pulse oximetry, among other things. However, it is also possible to induce enzymes with laser light, which is potentiated light in the literal sense.

We make use of this in our laser therapies. At Lanserhof LANS we offer, among other things, intravenous laser therapy. As with an infusion, a laser of different colours is placed in the vein during a 10-to-15-minute treatment. The red laser is the “energy laser”, the green one the “infla laser” and the blue one the “immuno laser”.

In our therapy, all three laser colours are used one after the other within a treatment, as each colour initiates a different function in the body:
The red laser brings about an ATP-activating effect, which means: more energy, better blood circulation, strengthening of the heart and circulation, support of the neuronal functions in the CNS and general improvement of the defence in the immune response.
The green laser is particularly effective against inflammation. Therefore, it is used therapeutically and preventively against infections, inflammatory swellings of any kind as well as against pain related to inflammations.
The blue laser mainly has an immunomodulating or immune-strengthening effect. It accelerates wound healing, can harmonise hormones, and relieve pain.

The intravenous laser therapy provided at Lanserhof is a very effective way to strengthen the often-weakened immune system and to gain new energy.

Light is an electromagnetic wave.