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Forever Young – the Lanserhof podcast

Welcome to Forever Young, the Lanserhof podcast. Every other Tuesday, join Mario Pederzolli in conversation with a variety of health experts and special guests as they explore what it means to live a balanced, healthy and happy life.

If you have any questions regarding any of the topics discussed, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email podcast@lanserhof.com. Please note that this podcast presents various views and opinions and the content should not be taken as medical advice. We are all unique, therefore, please do consult your doctor or speak to one of our doctors directly for any specific medical guidance.

The Health Podcast #14 – Infusions: What, how and why?

With Rebecca Baird
Podcastcover mit Rebecca Baird

The Health Podcast #13 – Life Fasting

With Dr. Ursula Levine
Podcastcover mit Dr. Ursula Levine

The Health Podcast #12 – We’ve got your Back

With Mr Sebastian Kunz
Podcastcover mit Sebastian Kunz

The Health Podcast #11 – Life is for Living

Meeting Mario Pederzolli
Podcastcover mit Mario Pederzolli

The Health Podcast #10 – Gut Feeling

With Claire Irvin
Podcastcover mit Claire Irvin

The Health Podcast #9 – The Caring GP

With Dr. Samina Showgi
Podcastcover mit Samina Showgi

The Health Podcast #8 – Menopause

With Meg Matthews
Podcastcover mit Meg Mathews

The Health Podcast #7 – Global Wellness Day

With Belgin Aksoy
Podcastcover mit Belgin Aksoy

The Health Podcast #6 – Optimise Your Health System

With Vadim Fedotov
Podcastcover mit Vadim Fedotov

The Health Podcast #5 – Don’t Panic

With Christian Fein
Podcastcover mit Christian Fein

The Health Podcast #4 – Resilience

With Dr. Ursula Levine
Podcastcover mit Dr. Ursula Levine

The Health Podcast #3 – Get the Glow

With Timm Goluecke
Podcastcover mit Timm Goluecke