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1. April 2016

Lans Derma – Natural Beauty With Lanserhof’s Range of Care Products

The raw materials for our products which are taken from the treasure trove that is nature are processed into effective ingredients using high-tech methods and can be found in our new face care product LANS Derma Sensitive Face and our BALANCE, ENERGY, VITALITY and CARE body care range.

Lanserhof was designed as a place of energy and tranquility with the most modern medicine, all of which reflect natural attractiveness, radiance, physical well-being and inner balance. Lanserhof has been a leader in the field of innovative vitality medicine in Europe for three decades. This success is based on a holistic concept of health, the focal point of which is personal regeneration. Consequently, this concept has now been expanded with the addition of Lanserhof’s own range of body care products. This in turn has added a new dimension to LANS Derma Therapy – Luxury in harmony with nature. Highly effective care with purely organic active ingredients developed with the know-how of the Lanserhof medical team and the experience of our dermatology experts.

The range of body and face care products from LANS Derma resulted from this symbiosis – a range of cosmetics developed in Austria and produced from regional ingredients. These traditional ingredients are refined with modern cosmetic research and fulfill the strict criterion of certified natural cosmetics.
Our LANS Derma body and facial care products are designed to activate the regenerating functions of the skin and to protect the body’s cells from being attacked by free radicals. This is important as problems such as allergies and sensitive skin are on the increase. Consequently, only especially well-tolerated ingredients are used in these high quality natural cosmetics which are also only processed by using high-tech methods. This enables our products to be effective in many ways, such as care for and soothe as well as firm and smooth your skin. In addition to this, organic cosmetics also have a holistic effect. They do not only work with single power ingredients, but also want to bring the skin into its natural balance by using all their ingredients. Helping you to help yourself is the motto here.
Best possible skin tolerance

Almost half of all women have admitted to having sensitive skin, and this tendency is increasing. Why is this? Experts believe that the skin is subjected to increasingly more contact with active ingredients, mainly with cosmetics. We need only think of the fact that care-conscious women have on average 20 various cosmetic products in their bathroom. As standard creams contain up to 80 different substances, this amounts to an enormous number of substances which can have a reaction on the skin. Even cleansing can be a burden for sensitive skin. In order to ensure that skin retains its own protective lipids during removal of make-up, we recommend using mild and gentle cleansers which do not contain alcohol and parabens such as those from the LANS Derma Sensitive Face range. It is also important to avoid ingredients such as fragrances and colourings with subsequent care products. Instead, it is better to rely on skin calming and soothing ingredients such as lime-tree blossoms and bisabolol.


Highest quality
Less is more. In our 9 face care and 19 body care products, the use of synthetic fragrances, colourings, preservatives, silicone, paraffin and other petroleum products is consistently and carefully avoided. Alternatively, many of the natural ingredients used – such as cold-pressed organic herbal oil – have a skin-like structure or a close fusion point and are particularly well absorbed. Our products are preserved by the use of plant extracts, enzymes and fruit acid salts identical to natural ones. Scenting ensues exclusively by means of a natural mixture of essential oils.


High concentration of active ingredients
A highly effective moisturizing complex from a birch sugar basis provides the skin with intensive moisture; the skin’s protective layer is strengthened and reliably protected from environmental damage with antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. A significant feature of this series is a concentration of hyaluron that is up to 40 times higher than many conventional cosmetic products. As a result of a special process, the hyaluron can be obtained in a natural way and is therefore also well tolerated by even very sensitive skin.


Our range of products 
The lans derma sensitive face range of face care proucts
– Mild cleansing emulsion
– Mild cleansing tonic
– Gentle facial peeling
– Regenerating eye cream
– Toning hyaluronic gel
– Moisturizing face cream
– Regenerating face cream 2
– Nourishing face cream
– Moisturizing intensive face mask


The Lans Derma body care range
Almost unbelievable, but true: Researchers always have new findings about the secrets of beautiful skin. Around two meters squared in size and up to twelve kilos in weight, the skin as an organ is a highly complex sensory and holistic work of art. Every single square centimeter of the skin houses on average 5000 sensory cells. Unlike any other organ, it reflects the body’s exterior, how well we look. Our skin reacts not only to external irritations, but it also registers diverse scents using sensors specially designed for this task. Therefore, there are numerous reasons why we should lovingly care for our skin. Accordingly, new additions in LANS Derma Concept are also natural body care products with sensual compositions of scents specifically designed for the individual needs of every kind of skin. BALANCE harmonizes, ENERGY provides new energy and VITALITY has a revitalizing effect.

Each individual range comprises six products. Additionally, our new CARE range begins with its first product, a hair balsam which combines care, protection and regeneration in one.

– Shower gel
– Body peeling
– Shampoo
– Body oil
– Body cream
– Care hair conditioner

LANS Derma cosmetics are 100 % natural cosmetic products and are free from:
– Synthetic colourings, scents and PEG substances
– Petroleum based raw materials and silicone oils
– Synthetic tensides and thickening agents

Highest quality:
– All raw materials used correspond to the criterion of the NATRUE natural cosmetic list of raw materials
– These products are preserved with plant extracts, enzymes and fruit acid salts identical to natural ones
– Scenting ensues exclusively by means of a natural mixture of essential oils
– Suitable for vegetarians