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1. December 2016

Lanserhof Lans Named Best Medical Spa in International Awards

For the sixth successive year the Lanserhof Lans health spa has been named Best Medical Spa in the European Health & Spa Awards.

The award this year recognised in particular the health programme the institution has developed specifically for women. Dr Christian Harisch of Lanserhof Lans said, ”Modern women face increasing challenges in balancing the demands of work, family and home, and our therapy brings together diagnostic, therapeutic and cosmetic treatments designed to increase their wellbeing and their vitality. We’re delighted to have won this award. It’s a testament to the work we do and the results we achieve – and winning six times in a row is a pleasing confirmation of the consistent quality we maintain.”


The European Health & Spa Awards are given in ten categories and are judged by an independent international jury with backgrounds in science and industry. The awards recognise excellence and new trends in medical wellness.
The Lanserhof has been awared with the European Health & Spa Award for the 6th time; winning in the category Best Medical Spa five times (2009 & 2011 – 2014) and in the category Best Medical Resort (2010) once. Scoring an impressive 47,18 points (of a total of 50 points), the Lanserhof Lans is also the highest scoring winner throughout all categories.


The gala awards event was held in the Palais Hansen Kempinski in Vienna.