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Silent intoxication

“Food is only useful to humans if it is optimally digested.” Unfortunately, most people today eat too quickly and without sufficient chewing in a stressed environment. As a result, many suffer from poor digestion and thus from “silent intoxication” in the gut.

A very important aspect of nutrition during the Lanserhof Cure is eating behaviour. The more hastily food is consumed, the more frequently dyspeptic symptoms and various long-term damage can occur.

The Lanserhof Cure is at the centre of our Lanserhof concept. This includes fasting, energy cuisine and thorough intestinal cleansing and treatment. Furthermore, this is supported by extensive scientifically based natural healing methods, sports and exercise therapy, various forms of stress reduction and relaxation techniques (mind-body medicine), natural stimuli such as cold and heat applications, baths, massages and manual therapies as well as infusions and nutritional supplements.


The basis of this nutrient-rich cuisine with easily digestible dishes is the highest purity and freshness of the food and its careful preparation. Lanserhof Energy Cuisine is based on medically and scientifically sound development and is not orientated towards contradictory nutritional trends.

This effectively prevents diet-related illnesses, maximises the preventative potential of healthy food and at the same time takes intestinal health into account. Energy Cuisine follows the fasting stages or, if fasting is not possible, is used at the beginning of the Lanserhof cure.


In naturopathy, good chewing is very important in nutrition.Quickly swallowed and poorly chewed food is a major cause of digestive problems. Learning to chew thoroughly through a “chewing school” and “chewing training” is therefore very valuable.

Digestion begins in the mouth, so thorough chewing of food is an elementary component of healthy digestion. Good chewing is a central element of therapy during the Lanserhof fasting cure. To train this, foods that are difficult to chew, such as hard spa bread or crackers, so-called chew trainers, are offered in the early stages of the cure.

According to the old saying “Well chewed is half digested”, the motto at Lanserhof is: chew every bite thirty to forty times before swallowing the food.


When choosing your food, you should pay attention to the following in your everyday life:

– A balance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins)
– Supply of micronutrients (vital substances, minerals and trace elements)
– Fibre, herbs and spices to regulate the intestinal environment
– Minimisation of toxins and inhibitors (heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc.)