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Why fasting is easier in summer

Summer, sun, sunshine and fasting? Yes! Because there are some good reasons why the warm season is well suited for therapeutic fasting and positively facilitates the process of cell cleansing and renewal. Find out why this is so and when a cure makes sense in the following.


In spring, fasting is on many people’s annual health programme. But with the right method and in combination with an exercise programme, fasting and detoxification are worthwhile all year round. The warm summer months are particularly suitable. What are the reasons for this? We have listed some of the advantages below.


Why fast at all?


Nowadays, fasting is often about doing something good for yourself and your body. The body should be supported in the process of cleansing itself, bad habits should be discarded and new insights should be discovered. After all, permanent stress in everyday life and an unbalanced diet can have a negative influence on health and lead to health complaints such as digestive problems, sleep disorders, headaches, allergies and obesity. In order to activate the self-healing powers, it is already worthwhile taking a one-week time-out for fasting, during which you concentrate entirely on yourself and give your body time for rest and regeneration.

Advantages of fasting in summer


During fasting, the body lowers its basal metabolic rate and goes into “energy-saving mode”. As a result, the body’s temperature drops by a few tenths of a degree. Therefore, many fasting people often experience an increased sensation of cold, which can be perceived as a cooling effect on hot summer days.

Not only the warmth, but also the longer light phases have an influence on our entire biosystem and can thus also have an impact on our eating behaviour. We all know this, because when temperatures are high, our appetite for powerful food usually decreases. We tend to crave light and refreshing food, such as lots of fruit and light salads, rather than heavy meals. This natural need coincides with the food recommendations of therapeutic fasting. For simply prepared, nourishing and pleasantly filling dishes are on the agenda here, in order to spare the body and to use the energy that would otherwise be used for digestion for cell regeneration.

The warm season lures people outdoors. Often we automatically move more. We take more outdoor walks, swim in pools, and cycle with family and friends. Exercise is a big factor in therapeutic fasting as it helps to remove dead cells and also protects muscles from protein breakdown. Exercise in nature also not only boosts the body’s cleansing process, but can also have a very positive effect on our psyche.

At Lanserhof, we notice it again and again with our guests: after some time of therapeutic fasting, the skin’s appearance changes noticeably. We thus can talk about the Lanserhof Glow – our guests glow! The grey veil that had previously settled on the skin has disappeared. The positive detox effects of therapeutic fasting also reach the skin after a few days, which feels noticeably softer and looks purer. The complexion looks rosy, fresh and youthful. During fasting, toxins can be better broken down and eliminated, and no longer have to be excreted through the skin alone. Inflammatory processes in the body, which are responsible for acne and blemished skin, are reduced by fasting.